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About Us

About Us

MMS Software Solutions®

MMS Software Solutions is an IT company established in 2009 to start in Jordan and Palestine, working on the production and marketing of financial and administrative software and applications.



  MMS provides many services, including:

·         Accounting and administrative programs: Hesabate ERP, is one of the most important and largest products of the Company as this product is considered to be the largest accounting and administrative programs in the Arab world and has two issues: 


o   Hesabate Cloud: Internet-based with high protection and efficiency.


o   Hesabate Local: It gets installed on the clients computer and works without Internet.

·         Program designing upon request: We have a team of professional engineers and programmers in the production of programs with various disciplines and objectives as we focus on the software languages based on the Internet (Web-Based), where we master the PHP as an essential language of programming in our productions, and we have experience in many of the other programming languages of Microsoft.

·         Smart Applications (Android & IOS): We have produced many applications with various objectives (Hesabate Application, Menu APP, Hesabate Check time, (Rab7ne Shokr``), scientific glimpses). We have the ability to produce any application and link it with other software products.

·         Website development: We use international templates with attractive and modern designs and we connect them to a sophisticated control panel of our own products and as per demand, so that any user can control the full content of his website, regardless of the type of site (commercial, service, information, news, or E commerce).

·          Hosting and domain registration: We offer web hosting and domain registration service.

·         Data Hosting: We provide a cloud computing service with global specifications, competitive prices and professional service.

·         Short Messages Service “BULK SMS”: We offer competitive rates for sending SMS through our specialized website or through any website or program, be it our product or others.


Our Products

·         Hesabate ERP: It is one of the most important and largest products of the company and is considered from the largest Accounting and Administrative Programs on the Arab World Level. It has two versions:

o   Hesabate Cloud: It is Internet-based with High Efficiency and high Protection.

o   Hesabate Local: Installed on the clients computer and works without Internet.

·         Hesabate POS: A multiple- specialization point of sales program suitable for many businesses (restaurants, supermarkets, many retail stores of many varieties, etc….). Hesabate with all of its editions works as one product.

·         Hesabate HR: A program suitable for all institutions of all sizes to control the attendance and salaries of their employees financially and administratively, and it functions with Hesabates editions as one integral product.

·         Hesabate Android Application: The Application is suitable for the sales and the orders outside the office, both linked to Hesabate with all its editions and it depends on internet-based availability.

·         Menu Applications (Menu APP): It functions with Hesabate or independently to adjust the internal and the external orders for restaurants and its available in two versions: Android and IOS.

·         MMS CRM:it is a professional system in customer management, it could be customized in a simple manner according to the nature of the business, and it could be linked to Hesabate.

·         The clinic: It is suitable for the tuning to all kinds of clinics and healthcare centers where some administrative and financial issues should be organized.

·         Various Other Products:Such as, Application of scientific glimpses, optics, points, hotel management, and theoretical driving instruction…….etc.


What makes us exceptional?

·         A 16-hour-Technical support service available a day, and throughout the year via the phone, Internet and the chat system are free of charge within most of the products and the sites of the company.

·         A Highly trained Team:  We take good care of our employees, and equip them with the necessary expertise to deliver the best services to our customers.

·         High Protection: On a large scale, special attention has been given to the protection of the user, his Data and its confidentiality via the encryption of the data and the passwords in most of our products.

·         Ease and simplicity: We concentrate on simplicity, most of our products allow any user to deal with them easily, without the need for expertise in the fields of accounting, financial management or others.

·         Integration and ERP: Most of our products work compatibly and could be linked to other products.

·         Both Web and Internet-based: Most of our products operate over the LAN and the Internet.

·         Languages and Multiple Applications: Our products are available with a working interface at least in Arabic and English, in addition to French, Turkish and other languages, and with an extra feature of entering world languages –related-data and opening more than one screen at the same time.

·         Electronic Help system: Most of the products are provided with a specialized assistance system for drawing, writing and video with easiness for the search of any information.

·         Continuity and professional experience: Our long years in the field helped us win the trust of more than 5000 customers in the Arab world and acquire a professional experience in the software and information technology. Besides, our size and good fame in most of the Arab world gave us the ability to continue.


Protection and privacy

·         All the companys software products are designed to meet all security and protection standards, as well as all applicable regulations in all countries.

·         Our company gives priority and great attention to the security and privacy of its customers data.

·         We continuously inform our customers about safety and security standards in order to ensure the best services rendered and trust gaining between us and our customers.

·         We respect the confidentiality of the information and confirm that the database used in our products works to encrypt customer data in a way that cannot be used at all for a purpose other than development or problem solving.

·         We are also working on developing systems that keep the customers data from loss or leakage.


Company Staff

More than 30 employees working at the companys various premises to serve the companys customers.

Based on the companys long experience in the production, analysis and design of various software in addition to providing training and technical support, the company was able to develop a specialized and professional administration system that can work on producing and developing any product professionally, to render the best services and the best professional organized training.

Since early MMS had a strong commitment to develop its various products, thus assigning a dedicated specialized team whose sole aim is the never-ending development of its products that coincide with the rapidly-changing markets, constantly-growing technology, and the quickly-arising needs of customers.

At The MMS headquarters and its distributors offices Arab World-wide, equipped with good infrastructure and the necessary tools to achieve the bestaccomplishment, the staff welcome rendering the best services to their customers.