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Invoice details : حساباتي HR
basic version amount 300 دولار
قيمة الانظمة 0 دولار  
قيمة المستخدمين الاضافيين 0 دولار  
Android users amount 0 دولار  
employees amount 0 دولار  
Amount to be paid 300 دولار
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The price of additional systems is paid only once and does not require
subscription or extension and remains within the basic system subscription

( 44 $ )نظام الرسائل القصيرة SMS ( 10 $ )نظام ارسال البريد الالكتروني Email

كل 50 موظف اضافيين يدفع 150$ لمرة واحدة - النظام يشمل على 50 موظف

Value for money
A cup of coffee would cost you more! 30 cent/day is what you spend to obtain the best accounting software, Therefore our price structure has been set carefully to meet any budget.