POS System:
A module of Hesabate, serves different types of business in Hospitality, Retail, Trading, Health Care, Education…etc.
With our POS System, you save time and money all your POS transactions are automatically integrated with hesabate accounting and back office to avoid and prevent work duplicate.
POS Screen Features :
o Compatible with POS Touch Screen Devices
o Manage layout of POS sales invoice on screen by showing and hiding fields as desired
o Compatible with any POS Hardware Devices...
o Manage your Sale Returns.
o Create Receipt Vouchers by Cash & Cheques
o Home Delivery Orders
o Tables management System
o Accepts partial payment
o Manage extras and toppings
o Deal with number of POS invoices at the same time, by different users on different terminals on network.
o Control cash boxes.
o Compatible with all types of sale (cash or receivables)
o Expiry Dates Management & Control
o Assign different authorities and delegates to each user as desired
o Search & Find customers, items, invoices…etc. in a quick and easy way
o Supports multi-currency transactions.
o Ability to create buttons for each item under special classification.
o Managing all payment ways through the feature of calculating residuum in all currencies and via credit cards (Visa, Master Card...). POS Features
o Tables Management System : Crete tables with name, number, also define different locations and assign tables created as desired, a change in color will tell user the status of table either vacant or occupied, and of course, user can assign orders and invoices to selected tables.

o Campaigns Management : Create and manage different types of campaigns and sales offers

o Partial Payments : POS accepts processing of partial payment on same invoice.

o Manage extras and toppings
o Menu Categories & Items : Each items group could be in a different color button and name, also a button will be created for each item with name also can add an image to the same.

o Home Delivery Orders : Manage home delivery orders and assign to customer name, and settle later either manually or automatically

o In Kitchen Orders Printing : User can assign different categories of items to different printer and sections in kitchen.

o Handover : In moving from shift to another, user can handover the cash box balance with a printed document to show time, date, balance transferred and remarks if any.

o Table Reservation : Create reservations in customers’ names, and mange changes in the same with search option.

o Multi Location and Devices : System can manage multi locations, multi devices, and mobile POS all connected to one server and back office, each branch is standalone operations with function to transfer transactions to server on a local network or to different location via internet.

o Types of POS Sales Orders

o Quick Sale: Creating sales invoice like in take away orders.

o An order could be placed and generate as a receivable in system until it is settled, like in home delivery.

o An order could be created and put on hold before recalling and process as a POS sales order and invoice.

o Tables: Open tables and start placing orders so it is still open until invoice has been asked by customer to settle.

o Order screen (Restaurants)

A new alternative way of slip printers where the orders transfer to the kitchen or to any restaurant departments to repair by appears on the screen (LCD, TCR) according to item classification, with the ability making the work done for each or all items.

o Orders Center : Restaurants service that have more than one branch and needs central management for orders. From one place, the customer can order and transfer orders to a nearest branch.