Hesabate HR, Payroll Management System
Hesabate HR, Payroll Management System: ( paid system - Might work independently)
Manage your staff salaries and commissions, with automatic financial impact on concerned GL accounts and accounting reports.
In addition, within this system many vouchers and documents are valuable as follows:

o Employee Card : A card contains all personal, and financial information for each employee, showing the start date of work, start day to count salary automatically, commissions and incentives apply...etc.

o Salary Recording Document : This voucher shows all salaries recorder for all employees either manually or automatically, so any new employee salary will be added as a part of this document to be activated in the system

o Payment Voucher : This voucher is used to issue a payment to employees by cash or cheque.

o Increments & Bonus Voucher : Use this voucher to record increments and bonuses to employees.

o Salary Deduction Voucher :

Use this voucher to record any salary deductions on employee payroll o Employee Account Statement : A statement shows all transactions occur on employee account including, salaries, deductions, bonuses, commissions…etc.