Inventory Management
o Warehouses Management : User can create multi warehouses and stores also assign certain groups of items to each store, also reports could be generated on warehouse level.

o Stock Items Management : A reference number or more could be given to each item, with option to assign items in certain predefined locations in warehouse to facilitate checkouts and search& find option.

o Units Management : Each stock item in inventory and warehouse is defined in reference to its measurement unit, whether a weight, length, or Kind with quantities and warehouses, considering these units and real time influence on inventory balances when a sale, purchase, return…etc. occur.

o Barcode System : User can assign barcode numbers to each item on item level or unit level, these barcodes are predefined in system by importing data from a text file format. These barcodes are readable by barcode scanners also barcode numbers could be sown in the print out.

o Classify Stock Items : Stock Items could be classified into groups with different name or reference, and one stock item or more could be assigned to these different groups, in result reports could be requested on group level or stock item level, for analyses purpose and to have a clear view of business progress.

o Stock Items Quantity Control : System can preset certain minimum and maximum quantity for each stock item, so alerts and notifications show to user in case quantity goes below or exceeds these preset quantities, for inventory control purposes.

o Costing : System automatically counts and controls cost of stock items in reference to different inventory evaluation methods (FIFO, last Price, and Weighted Average)

o Stock Taking : System can run auto stock taking with influence of stock items quantities