General Features
o Exporting Data : Export Reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, Text.

o Multi Control Functions : Decide what information and details to show or hide in reports.

o Charts System : Charts System with advanced controller.

o SMS Service : Communicate with your customers and employees by sending text messages, through the SMS service available in the system.

o Advance Print Control : Print you reports in a customized layout you manage, and control what information to show & hide.

o Filtering : Many options enable you filter reports and statements to reach required information with ease

o IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) : All Financial Statements and Reports are IFRS compliant.

o Multilingual & Multi-Screen : English & Arabic User Interface with multi-screen operations function, so user can work on different screens and functions at the same time.

o Data Import : Import data & information from Excel helping in software setup speed.

o User Friendly Software : The designers of hesabate gave attention to design a user-friendly interface, where admin can assign certain menus and function to users limited to user access authority and delegates.

o Validation System : Checking abnormal transactions through the report shows incorrect transactions implemented by any user by mistake.

o User’s movements (Log File) : Record any movement within a huge database and reports.

o Software Features : Ability to control many options and features, such as tax, account types (Payables & Receivables), dates of the financial cycle, method of inventory valuation, headers, fonts, bill features, Search Properties, vouchers…etc.

o Reports for any Financial Cycle : Ability to use reports for previous financial cycles.

o Integrated General Ledger (GL) : Financial impact on general ledger accounts is automated, so any voucher, invoice or financial transaction posted by users will have automatic financial impact on concerned general ledger accounts.

o Cloud Servers : You only need internet connection, to login to your account anywhere and anytime with high protection and safety of data

o Advanced Security : Data on our servers are encrypted, so each licensed customer and its users have allocated space on server to ensure privacy and protection preventing who is not authorized or third parties to access data.

o Help System : All subscribers will have access to videos and other training material, and online chat system.

o POS Hardware : Hesabate is compatible with any POS Hardware devices, POS Terminals, Thermal Printers, Electronic Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners, Dot Matrix Printers…etc.

o Users & Authorities : Unlimited users and authorities.

o Printing settings : Many options to control the printing of vouchers, bills and reports.

o Financial Cycle duration dates : You can specify the start date and the end of the financial cycle.

o Backup System : Can select more than one place for backup all data.