Invoicing Features
o Invoices, Orders, and delivery Notes : The system provides sales & purchase invoices, returns, orders, and delivery notes with user controlling all contents and layout of invoices.

o The same includes more advanced features : To add new customers or items while user is interacting with the invoice screen without a need to shift from screen to another, Search Engine, Automatic calculation of taxes, Auto Alerts and Notifications, Transferring Sales Offers, Delivery Notes and Orders into Invoices, and all is connected and have direct impact on reports.

o Customer Management : Software provides the option to create a database of customers, classified into groups as desired, and each customer will have his/her file including personal and financial information and details.

o Many financial and analytical reports are available to enable management to analyses sales trends and movements in reference to database classifications.

o Sales Performa Invoice A document with Price quotations sent to customers, keeping track of historical data and automatically integrated with sales process vouchers.

o Sales & Purchases Process : Transactions and processes of Sales & Purchase transactions apply to the system, starting with placing an order and ending by creating the invoice for sales purchases.

o Pricing : System gives the option to set different prices on customer level and item level at the same time, in addition to certain discounts based on preset standards. These prices could be modified and changed any time.

o Mobile Invoicing : Create and process invoices on standalone Android tablets offline version, and later on transfer all invoices to main license on server.

o Sales & Purchase Returns : Software manages returns that are linked to all invoices, assuring accurate balances of stock balances and prices, with reasons behind return for analyses purposes.

o Invoices Reports : System provides many reports on sales & purchase invoices, returns, and profits with multi choices and classifications covering periods as desired and requested by users. In addition to reports of different types of sales.

o Summery Reports : Within each invoice system provides chance to show all invoice occurred on a certain item or customer, including sales & purchase prices and items details.