Accounting Features
o General Ledger (GL) : Accurate posting of all financial transactions, to reach detailed reports covering any period, with option to highlight and view back dated transactions.

o An open, multi-level accounts tree supports all currency types

o Payables & Receivables : Create customers and vendors database, classified into different types and groups, with option to assign to vouchers and invoices, in addition to automatically generated reports related.

o Banks & Cheques : Process all In & Out cheques, and all banking transactions on bank accounts of multi currencies, enabling you monitor you cash flow and manage you bank reconciliation.

o Financial Statements & Reports : Professional financial statements and reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Cash Flow…etc.), that could be requested as of desired period and dates, accounting cycle, at different levels, with different active currencies, with option to export to Excel and have a print out.

o Taxation : System can deal and process two types of taxes (VAT and Income Tax) automatically, with option to show details reports related to these taxes

o Currencies & FX : User can add and activate unlimited number of currencies, and set the exchange rate to default currency.

All transactions in any active currency will be automatically posted to concerned GL accounts also FX rates are considered and shown in concerned reports.

o Expenses : Create and identify all expenses, and post using expenses vouchers or JV’s, and view related reports for to monitor and control.

o Equity System : Capital calculation Automated or manual and establish the accounts for partners and calculate profits and losses. Private password for each partner and another for equity system. Recording user’s movements, Log File. Multiple reports for capital and partners, profits and losses.

o Accounting Cycle : Identify the start and the end of the Accounting cycle. Identify the accounts that need to transfer to the new accounting cycle. Automatic closing of financial accounts and establishing the beginning balances accounts for a new financial cycle. Complement the depreciation of prepaid expenses and fixed assets. Automatically transfer the profits or loss accounts from the closing financial cycle to the new financial cycle. Transfer huge archive of items and invoices, vouchers and Checks transactions to the new financial cycle.

o Abnormal transactions & movements : A report of all abnormal transactions held by users will be system generated, and that will give management a close eye and better view of business activities.